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A Gentleman of The Guild

The Guild of Gentlemen is just that; a guild that consists of and is for Gentlemen. Chivalry, masculinity, faith, honor, courage, vitality, gentleness and morality are some of the defining qualities the Guild. The Guild of Gentlemen does not simply seek to preserve traditional masculine traits, but to create a man as he has never been before. To understand that perfection is unreachable only in a final form and that the acceptance and application of constant improvement is the ultimate purpose of a man.

The Guild of Gentlemen is a resurrection of tradition, morality and beauty. To honor our ancestors, not by attempting to recreate what they have made, but to create a Promethean man of purpose, dignity and righteousness. This is a Gentleman as we know it. A man of skill, of strength and of knowledge. Every Guildsman is on the path to obtain the title of Gentleman. You can find out more about what a Guildsman and Gentleman is by visiting our Guildsman page.

Structure and Formation

The Guild of Gentlemen is structured similar to the way traditional guilds throughout history have been structured, specifically those of the medieval times. A difference is that while guilds were previously created to control a certain market and trade of an area, the Guild amalgamates traditional trades and ventures into one, united Guild. Legally we are a series LLC. Different "series" or "divisions" of the Guild, like a courting app, are ran as it's own business under the ultimate supervision and direction of the Guild. While the Guild ultimately profits from this, so do the controlling members of the Guild.

The Guild of Gentlemen is for uniting like-minded, traditional men with the common goal of not only restoring old and formerly cherished values that Western culture once held, but to learn from our past and create a superior moral code. One of the Guilds core beliefs is that by improving yourself, you will improve society. How do you institute a more desirable culture and ultimately a more desirable world? Ductus Exemplo or “Lead by Example”.

Being a member of both the physical Guild and online community is also a great resume builder, as you'll acquire skills that can be directly applied to life outside of or within the Guild.

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The Guild’s mission has and will always be to restore Western culture and civilization.


We do so by providing a solution to it’s preservation and continuation while rectifying what has been corrupted.


Now you must be wondering “How do you do that?” The answer is simple but rather complex in action. Below are a few prime examples to answer that question.

Discord Servers

Guild of Gentlemen actually operates four Discord servers! Two of them are the main servers for the Guild. Although they are separate servers, both of the main servers act as one united server for the same purpose. More can be found about that below. The third is the community of Guild Supporters that can be accessed via Patreon. The fourth is the server dedicated to the group for ladies, whose name has not yet been released.


The two main Discord servers bring men together across the Western world to improve themselves and every aspect of their life. It’s where men from all the Guild locations can constantly communicate. The Guild of Gentlemen Discord Modules can be found here. These Modules are the clear instructions on what you should, shouldn’t, and must do to better your life. The answer is leading by example and making a lasting impact on yourself, your loved ones, your surroundings, and the world.


The Supporter Server is a community composed of the supporters of the Guild of Gentlemen. Men and women are welcome to join! Forge bonds, find a friend, have your questions answered about the Guild and traditionalism, share your traditional way of life and get inspired by other members. 

Physical Location

The physical Guild has yet to come but it will be very similar to the main Discord server in the way that it’s focused on improving each man’s life. However, the physical location for the Guild will be far more in depth with its teachings and will be instrumental in our measure to restore and preserve Western culture, traditions, morality and civilization.



Guild of Gentlemen has a handful of nonprofit goals. These goals are mainly preserving, promoting, and creating classical art, architecture, and music. The Guild is also involved in humanitarian efforts like disaster relief, soup kitchens, and more. Occasionally the Guild will host an event or competition. No matter the cause, we’re sure to explain what the donor’s donation is for.



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