Discord Server

The Discord Server offers an immediate permanence of traditionalist activity. While the physcial Guild is being planned, funded and built, the Discord server stands as the most effective way for Guild communication. 



Discord as an app is not a safe-haven for anyone. What you send is not encrypted. With that being said, the Guild takes several security measures to ensure your safety and security. 

  • No personal informartion is stored on the Discord server.

  • Applications are recorded elsewhere and deleted completely after they're reviewed. 

  • Politics are against the Guildsman's Chivalric code, therefore, it is not allowed to be discussed in the server. Discussions that could be used against you are typically politically-based. Removing politics from our dicsussions and instead focusing on what we can improve culturually right now removes this information from ever being shared with a supposed infiltrator.

  • Our server uses the highest integrated moderation setting. Verified phone, verified email, having your account for longer than five minutes and must be a member of the server for longer than ten minutes, as well as agreeing to our rules upon entry. Our server is not only entirely immune to bot or spam infiltratrion, but the system in place has been tested against the possibility of an infiltration. Needless to say, it works.

  • Three Discord bots (AI) that have their own anti-raid, anti-spam, anti-nuke protections in place. We won't go over the details of that here for security reasons but you can trust that it works as efficiently and effectively as it's intended to.

Because of these measures, there is truly no reason for concern. Even if someone were to attempt an "infiltration" into the Guild's server, no information could be taken. The hours of their work would yield no reward.