Achieve the righteous, together.

"Volunteer for righteous acts" That's an excerpt from the Guild of Gentleman Chivalry. Volunteering is a foundational quality of every Guildsman and frankly, a defining part of the Traditionalist movement. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. If you're hanging a Guild poster up around your town, campus, church, etc. you might be surprised to find someone else who's interested or already knows about the Guild. Without a doubt, it shows the committment of the Traditionalist community and all of the Guild's supporters. You can also easily share an image to your social media. Share the Guild far and wide. Every little bit helps.

$1 is hardly a fortune in todays world. But $1 a month, just $12 for an entire year, can change the direction of our era. What will we be remembered as? When our grandchildren ask us what we did as the world ran rampant with wickedness and degeneracy, when the value of beauty is lost, what will we say? Regretfully, we might look back and think "Nothing but memes." or "I made all of you!" While creating and raising a healthy family is at the forefront of this movements focus, it's obvious that moderninity is no friend to tradition. A unified organization is capable of shifting our fate, our children's fate and their children after them. If it could be accomplished without money, it would have been done long ago. The Guild is leading the front against degeneracy, turning boys and lesser-males into well-rounded, capable Gentlemen. But our hope is lost without funds. Consider reading more on our
Support page.

As volunteer opportunities are available, such as rebuilding old churches and saving artwork, this page will be updated.


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