Many agree that the fight between good and evil is endless. Many agree that the world is inherently corrupt. Many believe and will tell you “We live in a cruel world.” But few dedicate their lives to fight that which they are vocally against. Even fewer join the brave, united men that believe in a moral world. Those men are the same men that will put their mark into history as a man that stood firmly and openly against evil and degeneracy. Those men are the same men that believe in saving Western civilization and the beautiful, unique cultures that encompass it. Those men are the men fighting daily to uphold our moral high ground. Those are the Guildsmen of the Guild of Gentlemen.

It is easy to have goals and to speak righteously but it is easier to let temptation and persuasion take hold and cease the action which your tongue so valiantly declared would be done. That is precisely where the Guildsman motto “Ductus Exemplo!” originated from. The Guild of Gentlemen is successful because each Guildsman believes in the self-pursuit of righteousness. The wicked things we witness give us reason. The West, with all of its exquisite richness in detail, it's unique and precious cultures; this gives us reason. Still, if the fate of the world were left to reason, the world would be left to ruin. Men need purpose! Guildsmen find that purpose in the struggle toward our goals.


A Guildsman resurrects traditional Christian - Western values. Honor, courage, gentleness, vigor, a respect for noble authority and an understanding of natural hierarchy, purpose and righteousness. Guildsmen live by an incredibly strict code of honor which they have sworn not to break. With the modules, Guildsmen improve every part of their life. This task is not always completed alone, with many modules requiring the help of another Guildsman.

Our brotherhood is unbreakable. While on the path of attaining the noble title of Gentleman, you must receive a vouch from other Guildsmen. A vouch is the word of approval from the Guildsman grantee. If a vouch is granted to a Guildsman and this Guildsman loses his “Gentleman” title, the Guildsman that granted his vouch will lose his title of Gentleman as well. The Guild of Gentlemen Chivalry can be found here.


On what it means to be a Guildsman