There are two primary units of the Guild; the physical location and the Discord servers. The physical Guild will take a dominant role in all Guild operations. The current objective of the Guild is to establish the physical location after the Guild has collected an adequate funding. With that being said, all aspects of the Guild are currently taking place in the Discord servers! 

The mobile version of the Guild

The Discord app is where the Guild currently takes place. After the physical Guild has been realized, the Discord server, or something like it, will still be in operation as a way to connect Guildsmen across the Western world. The server is organized by categories and channels controlled by the Guild's divisions. Each division works hand in hand to assist you in earning the title of Gentleman. Discord allows us to take advantage of detailed options to allow for a streamlined, yet all encompassing experience. To join, you can apply by following this hyperlink, or by following the "JOIN" button on the Join|Discord Server page. If accepted, you'll receive a notification through your Instagram account or email. For the quickest results, contact the Guild immediately after applying.

To learn more about the G.o.G. Discord, click here: Guild of Gentlemen: Discord.




Musicians, sculptors, composers, traditional artists, writers, philanthropists, dedicate your skill and time to the Guild!

Do Your Part

A man is measured by his actions. Do Your Part for the Guild and take part in the cultural uprising.

Coming Soon

Join like-mined men on the journey to self betterment. Morality, tradition, purpose; these are Guildsman qualities.

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