Explanation of The Center Crest

Like many great creations throughout history, the idea for the Guild of Gentlemen’s center crest came from a burst of creativity and was followed by hours of critical thought.

The main cross can be seen with three crosses raised above it. The three raised crosses above the main cross represent the holy trinity. The U in “TRUTH” is centered under the bottom of the main cross to symbolize the pommel of a processional cross. The word “TRUTH” is there to convert two main messages: the Guild of Gentlemen’s focus on nature’s hierarchy and order and the truth of Christianity. The wreath meeting with the tip of the top raised cross represents achievement, civilization and a reference to the Greco-Roman era, which notes the Guild’s and western cultures connection to the Greco and Roman era.

This is not the permanent logo of the Guild, nor does “TRUTH” represent the official motto. This is, however, a representation of what will be. A professional achievement of arms is in the works. All rules of heraldry, such as the rules of tincture, will be followed to honor the tradition of heraldry. That piece has yet to come.

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