Frequently Asked Questions


QUESTION: “Can I make a local branch of the Guild?”

ANSWER: There can’t be local factions/branches/groups of the Guild. There are several reasons for this, most of them are legal reasons. Unless the Guild itself installs a physical location in your area, it cannot be under the name of the Guild. With that being said, I absolutely recommend meeting with your local Guild members! These meetings don’t have authority within the Guild and they cannot be deemed as official meetings.

QUESTION: “Does the Guild still need positions filled?”

ANSWER: Absolutely. We always need positions filled and experts in various fields.

QUESTION: “How does one go about explaining traditional values in a relationship to someone who doesn’t understand?”

ANSWER: Traditionalism is accepting the natural facts of life. Men and women are inherently different and that’s a good thing. It creates a perfect balance. Our strengths and weaknesses fit together perfectly, almost like a puzzle. A man should be the best a man can be and the same for a lady. It’s the most natural and best working system. Left to our own devices, men will do one thing and women will do another. Both are needed and that’s the only real equality. Traditionalism is taking what’s natural and perfecting it. 

QUESTION: “Are there rewards to signify prestige in the Guild?”

ANSWER: It’s a rather flat hierarchy. You can obtain a position, volunteer or paid. You can lead over that position over a team. You can be a Guild Master by leading a business sector of the Guild. The absolute highest rank you can achieve is that of “Gentleman”. We keep it that way to distance ourselves from secret societies and tiered hierarchies in organizations with insidious intentions.

QUESTION: “Will the Guild participate in philanthropy?”

ANSWER: Absolutely. If you think about it, the Guild is philanthropic in it’s entirety. Additional sectors of the Guild will also be philanthropic. The Guild is and will always remain a strictly moral organization. Also, community service is highly praised.

QUESTION: “How can I convince my brothers that being a traditional man is healthier and greater than being a degenerate?”

ANSWER: Ductus Exemplo! Lead by example. Your actions have more influence than your words.

QUESTION: “When and where should we expect a physical Guild?”

ANSWER: The crowdfunding launches this year to assist in the Building of the physical Guild! Most likely Montana.

QUESTION: “What’s required after joining? I imagine a certain level of activity but what else?”

ANSWER: The sheer will to improve. 

QUESTION: “Is the Guild a bit like the Freemasons?”

ANSWER: The Guild is similar to the Freemasons in the way that it’s similar to a university, the military and a campground. From a very broad outlook, sure. It’s a group, we’re a group. But we are very different from freemasonry in many ways.

QUESTION: “Will the Guild expand into Europe?”

ANSWER: Yes! We have rough plans for doing so. The U.S. comes first. If the U.S. location isn’t built, none of them will be.

QUESTION: “I’m not old enough to enter the Guild, can I still donate?”

ANSWER: Of course. Every penny counts. Just make sure it’s your money that you’re donating! There’s no option for a refund. 

QUESTION: “Does the Guild do anything for exercise/health? Like a workout regime, advice on food, etc?”

ANSWER: Yes! We have a module for that and an exercise plan. 

QUESTION: “What encouraged you to create the Guild?”

ANSWER: The corruption of masculinity, the need for a father figure, the deceit offered in propaganda to the common man, woman and child. In short, the modern world and the will to do good. Equally. 

QUESTION: “Is the Guild a Christian movement?”

ANSWER: I am a Christian and the Guild is founded on Christian morality. As a movement, you could certainly make that claim. But legally we are not a religious organization and we don’t act as one.

QUESTION: “What is your long term goal with the Guild?”

ANSWER: In short: To preserve Western traditions and culture and to establish a firm continuation of both while focusing entirely on morality.

QUESTION: “Will there be jobs in the Guild? Earning a living upholding traditional values sounds great!”

ANSWER: Yes! Several. Stay involved and you will get first pick.

QUESTION: “Is there an organization like this in the UK?”

ANSWER: No, there isn’t an organization quite like the Guild anywhere. We will expand into Europe after the physical location is built in the US. 

QUESTION: “Will the Guild expand into other areas?”

ANSWER: Absolutely. The Discord server is connected to the entire world right now though. So if you’re waiting to be involved, wait no more! The time is now.

QUESTION: “What are Mr. Schulz’s intrinsic values?”

ANSWER: I am naturally very protective over those that I love. I believe in doing the right thing, irrespective of everything else. If I’m not living a life that Christ would be proud of, I don’t want to live at all. 

QUESTION: “How does one more actively participate in the Guild?”

ANSWER: Speak to your fellow Guildsmen, improve your life and document it, share your achievements and traditions, ask any questions you may have, take a position within the Guild or volunteer and complete the modules within the Guild. The options are endless for those who are committed.

QUESTION: “What are the Guild’s thoughts on Knighthood?”

ANSWER: It’s great! It’s actually very similar to the Guild in a few ways. 

QUESTION: “Why join?”

ANSWER: It’s not why would you join, but why wouldn’t you? Here’s a list of the benefits for joining the Guild

QUESTION: “Is there a document to prove that you are a Guildsman?”

ANSWER: Yes, there are a few ways that you can prove you are a Guildsman. One, the onboarding notes. The document you get upon joining. Two, by showing that you’re in the Discord server. Finally, if you need it for employment purposes and you've been loyal to the Guild, you can get letters of recommendation from the Guildsmen. Mr. Schulz T. will personally write letters of recommendation to those that hold or have held a volunteer position.

QUESTION: “In your effort to preserve tradition, does that extend to Asian and African traditions?”

ANSWER: No. The Guild is only focused on preserving Western traditions. The job of preserving all traditions, everywhere is far too broad and truly impossible. It would also be cultural appropriation to assume that a Western Christian man can preserve the traditions of an African Muslim or Asian Bhuddist, for example.

QUESTION: “How long does it take to review applications?”

ANSWER: Typically about 24 hours. 

QUESTION: “Age requirements? Other requirements?”

ANSWER: 16. There will be a youth sector as well. 

The will to improve.

QUESTION: “When will the Guild open it’s physical location in Montana?”

ANSWER: After the crowdfunding is complete. 

QUESTION: “I want to donate art to the Guild. Is that possible?”

ANSWER: Yes! You can make physical and other donations to the Guild. Find out how here

QUESTION: “Is there a feminine Guild to join?”

ANSWER: Not yet. I’m working on it. 

QUESTION: “What exactly does the Guild do as a group?”

ANSWER: I believe you can answer that question by reading here: 

QUESTION: “Is the Guild a laic organization that represents traditional values or is it formally aligned to a religion?”

ANSWER: The Guild is not a political or religious organization. However, it was founded on Christian morality. 

QUESTION: “What are the daily routines for the physical Guild once it’s in place?”

ANSWER: That requires a huge answer. Try reading these blog posts to understand that better. We directly answer that question there. 

QUESTION: “How many members are in the Guild and what are my responsibilities if I join?”

ANSWER: No one will hold you at gunpoint to make you do anything. You make your own responsibilities. You can join and leave immediately if you’d like. 

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