Official Divisions

Official Divisions

An outline of the Guild of Gentlemen Divisions.©

Table of Contents

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  • Auxiliary

  • Knight

  • Promethean

  • Patriarch

  • Mountaineer

  • Academician

  • Sentinel

  • Herald

Introduction to Divisions

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(Engagement, Fundraising, Recruiting, Idealism, Events)

It’s no secret that capturing the attention of Guildsmen with an online community is no easy feat, not to mention keeping that attention and turning it into engagement. That’s why Auxiliary was created. Since then, it has taken on numerous other roles like fundraising, engagement and ideas on improving the Guild overall. This division controls the suggestions, advertising strategy, leveling and events.


(Etiquette, Health, Combat)

The purpose of the Knight division is more than what the division's name is known for. Warrior ethos, etiquette and health are the focus of this division.


(Artistry, Literature, Music, Architecture)

Artistry is a broad topic and the Promethean division accepts that fact as a strength. The Promethean division is one of the largest divisions with its focus being the creation and preservation of European artistry.

Patriarch - “In memoriam majorum”

(Fatherhood, Husbandry, Culinary, Appearance) The Patriarch division is exactly what the name implies. The family unit is the Patriarch’s primary focus. Upholding, protecting and improving the sacred traditional family unit is the goal.


(Outdoorsmanship, Survivalism, Forestry, Adventure)

A Guild Mountaineer is the Forest Ranger of the Guild's land. He is also the protector of the Guild, a key strategist in Guild projects and an expert in outdoorsmanship. The Mountaineer division will be responsible for teaching other Guildsmen these areas of expertise: Mountaineering, forestry, wildlife, outdoorsmanship, farming, ranching, survivalism and firearms.


(History, Economics, Dexterity, Linguistics, Philosophy)

Based upon the Greco-Roman era’s colleges, schools of thought and academic system, the Academician division was created to provide an exemplary, traditional experience with sharing knowledge. 


(Guild & Guildsman protection, Information Analysis, Intelligence)

A Sentinel is the watchman and intelligence operative of the Guild. Sentinels are men of sagacity and extreme loyalty. The Sentinel division’s primary focus is information gathering, analysis and implementation of the knowledge gained in order to protect the Guild and the Guildsmen within it.


(Heraldry, Chronicling)

Herald is the Guild of Gentlemen Heraldic Authority's primary responsibility is creating, managing and distributing a Gentleman’s Heraldic Achievement. Furthermore, each division's Chivalric code is under the Heraldic Authority’s care. Finally, the Heraldic Authority is responsible for granting the title of Gentleman to Guildsmen.

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